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The Best in Urgent Care Services

August 8, 2017


Emergency healthcare services

Urgent care medical centers are emerging everywhere you look. They are rapidly taking over as the ideal method of convenient medical treatment. Yet, many patients are still not sure what types of medical conditions can be treated at an urgent care medical setting. Understanding some of the commonly treated urgent care conditions can be helpful in making the right decision. The best in urgent care services include the following medical concerns.

Colds and flu symptoms
A couple times per year, cold and flu season seems to spread quickly throughout schools and workplaces. When you get those dreaded cold and flu symptoms, it can prevent you from going to work or school. It can make you feel tired and unmotivated. Many cold and flu sufferers attempt to make appointments with their primary physicians. With busy schedules, however, patients are sometimes forced to wait weeks for an appointment. By then, the symptoms are better and there is no need to see the physician. Fortunately, urgent care centers can provide relief for common cold and flu symptoms and you don?t have to make an appointment.

Twists and sprains
Twists and sprains are very common, especially in children. Although a simple twist or sprain does not usually require immediate medical attention, it can be difficult to distinguish between a broken or sprained ankle bone. Because the treatment procedure for a broken bone versus a sprained one is very different, it is important to diagnose the problem quickly. Many urgent care centers have diagnostic and imaging abilities, making them a great choice for twists and sprains.

Chest pains
Chest pains can be a sign of very serious medical problems. If chest pains come out of nowhere and do not minimize, it is always best to call for emergency care. However, many people who suffer from chest pain do not immediately seek medical care. They may choose to schedule an appointment with their primary physician and wait and see how the pain progresses. Although it is best to always seek immediate care when it comes to chest pain, urgent care services can be a good secondary option. They can evaluate the condition and if more serious of problems are to cause, they will call for emergency care help.

After hours pediatrics
Have you ever had pressing questions about your child after hours? You had to make the decision to either wait until the morning to call your pediatrician or transport your child to the local emergency room to sit and wait for hours. The best in urgent care services perhaps, is that you can utilize them to answer your pediatrics health questions. Nearly all urgent care centers in 2014 operate seven days a week (97%) and are open at least 4 hours per day (99%). The extended hours are advantageous to those with younger children.

Bug stings and allergies
Bug stings are another common medical concern. This is especially true if you have allergies to stings or bug bites. When you experience an allergic reaction to a bug bite or sting, you cannot wait until your primary physician?s office opens. The best in urgent care services also includes treatment for bug bites and stings and for the allergy symptoms that may accompany them.

Treatment of other medical conditions
There is no specific list of the best in urgent care services. The majority of urgent care centers are owned and operated by physicians themselves. Many of the services available may reflect their medical training. However, you will find that a large number of conditions, including abdominal pain causes and cold and flu symptoms could easily be treated in the urgent care setting. According to a private study by Millman, approximately 44 to 65% of all ER episodes could have been treated in urgent care clinic settings. Physicians or groups of physicians own approximately 50% of all urgent care centers. They are a great option for quick, convenient, and effective treatment.

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