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Are You Getting Ready to Purchase New Furniture for a New Home?

August 3, 2017


Modern industrial furniture

This is a very fun task. As your aunt and uncle move into their new home by the beach, they have decided to sell or give away all of their old furniture and to purchase new. With no children of their own, not only have they offered you your pick of the items they are giving away, they have also asked for your help in selecting new pieces for their new home. The chance to look through catalogs of high quality modern furniture and to visit local showrooms you are becoming well versed in various kinds of furniture. From mid century modern furniture to Danish modern design, it has been fun to help your aunt pick out the pieces that she likes the most.
High quality modern furniture is expensive, but as you have found out during the discussions with your aunt, these pieces will last for years. With a color palette in mind, you have learned where to buy contemporary furniture and where to look for more traditional pieces as well. The decisions, of course, take time and it is easy to see why only 20% of Americans indicate that they are happy with their current home decor. If you do not take the time that it takes to find the pieces that you really like and are really comfortable, you can by stuck with expensive pieces that you do not like.
New Furniture Selection Involves Decisions About Price, Style, and Comfort
The home furnishings in our home should make us feel happy about our space and give us a place to find rest and gain energy for the rest of the day. Consider some of these facts and figures about the home furnishings market in America:

  • 15 years is the average lifespan of sofa.
  • 47% of Americans indicate that they have not updated their home decor in the last five years, and 9% confess to not making an update in more than 10 years.
  • $106.78 billion was the amount of furniture and furnishings store sales in the U.S. in the year 2015.
  • Only 2% of respondents said that they had “achieved their ultimate vision for their home,” according to a recent Houzz home decorating survey.
  • 75% of respondents indicate that they plan to use their dining room weekly, according to a recent Houzz home decorating survey.
  • 14% of Americans indicate that their home furnishings make them feel gloomy and stressed.

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