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Six Beneficial Red Cross Donations

January 27, 2016


American red cross clothing donations

Donating to charities is a major past time and usually what keeps majority of charities alive. Approximately 70% of households in the U.S. donate to charities with about 3% of income being donated each year. Aside from helping a charity, 63% of donors said that “giving back to the community” was the main reason driving them to donate. No matter what your reason is, Red Cross donations and donations to other charities helps them help others in their time of need.

Donating Your Time

Those who donate their time are known as Red Cross Champions. This is a special group of donors who are at the heart of Red Cross operations. This group helps alleviate human suffering when emergencies happen. These people help provide reliable funding to help others when the need arises. They help provide meals in emergency shelters, connect families with their loved ones and offer comfort and hope to those in their time of need.

Text Messaging

Another way to help with Red Cross Donations is by text message. By texting REDCROSS to the number 90999 you can donate $10 to the foundation. This money helps those when they suffer disasters such as hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes. Texting PREVENT to the same number provides $10 to help with measles vaccinations.

Mail, Phone and Online

If you would like to donate by check there is a check donation form found online that can be filled out. Once it is filled out it can be mailed to the PO Box address that is listed on their website. Donations by phone can be made with a credit card. You can call 1-800-RED CROSS to make a monetary donation. Online donations can be made by using the website.

Airline Miles

Airline miles are another beneficial Red Cross donation. Any un-used airline miles that you have and do not plan to use can be donated. The foundation uses these miles to help volunteers and staff members get to the critical areas where people are in need of help. Airlines which participate include American Airlines, Delta and United. These miles are not considered tax-deductable, however they are extremely beneficial to the foundation.

Car Donations

Another donation that benefits this foundation is car donations. Contact the Red Cross and let them know that you have a vehicle that you no longer need or use. They will schedule someone to come pick up your vehicle at no cost to you. You will be sent a tax receipt and an acknowledgement form. Red Cross will sell your vehicle and all the proceeds from the vehicle sale will go to help the foundation. A variety of vehicles can be donation including majority of motor vehicles, boats, jet skis, farm equipment and heavy equipment.

Individual Donations

Red Cross does not solicit individual donations because valuable time must be taken to clean and sort these donations. Instead of choosing to donate clothing and other items directly to the Red Cross individuals are encouraged to check out the Web Thrift Store or eBay for Charity. The eBay for Charity site allows you to sell your household items and used clothing donations on eBay. Clothing donations can be sold and the money received from the sale goes directly towards the foundation. The Web Thrift Store site is similar, because all the proceeds from the sales goes towards the foundation. These sites are the best place for make red cross donations or clothes donations to the foundation.

Red Cross donations are vital to keep the foundation alive and successful. Any sort of donation is welcomed including time. Volunteers are just as important as physical or monetary donations. As much as these charities rely on monetary donations, they need physical volunteers to put that money to good use. If you are in a position to give then that is beneficial, but if not then remember that donating time can sometimes be even better than donating money or household goods.

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