Should You Use a Doctor on Demand?

April 5, 2022


Doctors are crucial parts of every person’s life and wellness. Without a doubt, every person should be seeing a doctor at least once a year, disregarding any specialists or surgeons. During the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, getting access to ample medical care is something more important than ever. While in-person emergency care was scarce and in desperate demand during the height of the virus, people are now leaning towards completely digital care to meet their needs. A ” doctor on demand” refers to an online physician that you can contact at any time, about anything. These have been skyrocketing in popularity due to qurantines, but are there any downsides to such a convenient medical service? This video shows a real online patient as he details his experiences with a doctor on demand.

Video Source

As far as this patient goes, there are little to no downsides to opting for a virtual doctor instead of an in-person one for instant care. The app’s interface is extremely easy to use, and takes all of your medical history into account when you sign up. you can talk with a doctor in your time zone, who specializes in the field you need. A 30-minute appointment can quickly get you the diagnosis and medications you need, without having even to leave your home.


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