How to Do Your Own Home Electrical Inspection

April 4, 2022


Are you interested in what a home electrical inspection entails and want to do a rough inspection at home? In this video, Allen, a master electrician, introduces us to Alex who is at this home that is getting newly built to do an electrical inspection. These inspections are very important, whether it is a brand new built home or it is a home that has been standing for more than twenty years. These inspections ensure that everything is working properly and that you, your home, and your family are safe from electrical fires that could occur.

In this video, Alex goes through what he does when he inspects a home’s electrical circuitry. It is a very in-depth process because he needs to make sure he is checking everything that could ever create an issue later on.

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You must understand everything about electricity when it comes to doing your own home inspections. You don’t want to miss anything important, especially when it comes to the electricity of your home. Watch this video to see everything that he does during an inspection and how you can keep your home safe with a routine inspection from a professional.


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