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Shoji Screens in Modern Interior Design

July 11, 2014


Japanese screen

Custom Shoji screens are products for doorways, window treatments, room dividers, and closets, as well as much more. Custom Shoji screens can be made for single sided applications. This includes closets and window treatments. You can get Shoji screens custom sized and there are a variety of design options. Shoji room dividers are great because they can give you room divider ideas for studio apartments and how to break up the space. For modern interior design, most custom Shoji screens are used as room dividers.

The earliest Shoji screens, which were not custom Shoji screens at the time, date back to the Han Dynasty in China. Chinese folding screens were invented in China during the 4th century B.C. In the 16th century, Shoji screens were used in Japanese homes. They provide a soft light which is then reflected through the thin paper. This makes them the perfect item in which to soften bright light. Traditionally, non custom Shoji screens were made out of bamboo and rice paper.

Shoji screens are becoming more popular for interior design in the West, due to their unique and international feel. They are not available as custom Shoji screens. Many are made out of laminated rice paper, making them appropriate for use in the bathroom and kitchen. Before they were custom Shoji screens, they were used in ancient China for a wide variety of purposes including festivals, room dividing, outdoor ceremonies, and tea ceremonies.
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