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Heat Remediation to Kill Bed Bugs

July 15, 2014


Apartments kill bed bugs with heat

Bed bugs can be a pain in the butt — literally. These blood-suckers crawl out of their hiding places at night and feed off of your blood in your own bed. These pests can lay anywhere from one to five eggs in a single day, which is more than 500 in a lifetime. It is time to call in the professional bed bug treatment company to get these pests out.

There are many remediation techniques to get rid of bed bug infestations, including:

  • Vacuuming
  • Pesticides
  • Mattress encasements
  • Moving
  • Thoroughly washing your sheets
  • Bed bug heat treatment

Of all of these options, the best bed bug treatment is bed bug heat treatment.
Benefits of thermal remediation services:

  • The technique is non-toxic
  • Kill the bed bugs at all life stages — egg to adult
  • Bugs are not resistant to heat, as they are to most insecticides
  • Faster results than using pesticides
  • Generally only requires a single treatment

Preparation for bed bug heat treatment: Since these critters can’t withstand any temperatures lower than freezing or higher than 122 degrees Fahrenheit, thermal remediation is best. Here’s how to prepare for the professionals.

  • Remove any plastic (it will probably melt!)
  • Remove oil paintings or other artwork
  • Unplug and remove all electronic devices (clocks, phone chargers, etc.)
  • All pets and family members should vacate the premises
  • Check to make sure any wooden furniture is save to leave in the room

How it works: To kill bed bugs and their eggs, houses must be heated to 140 degrees F for two hours, or 130 degrees F for three hours. The thermal remediation equipment consists of giant heaters that literally make your home an oven in order to dry out the bed bugs and their eggs. Once the room has reached the ideal temperature, fans are used to force hot air into couch cushions, box springs, and mattresses.

Cost of bed bug heat treatment: The entire remediation process is effective after one eight hour session, though it isn’t cheap. The thermal treatment will cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000, depending on how many rooms are infested with the bugs and how large the bed bug population is in each mattress or couch. Chemical processes, on the other hand, run from $1,300 to $5,000 (though don’t forget they are not always effective).

If you have a bed bug problem, call a thermal remediation company and at least get an estimate and a recommendation on what to do.
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