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Memory Quilts Make the Perfect Personalized Gift

January 29, 2018


Bereavement quilts

You have probably seen the unique custom t-shirt quilts that are popular gifts today. These are quilts that are made from personal and memorable t-shirts. If you are trying to choose the best t-shirts to include in your custom t-shirt quilt, consider any of these types of t-shirts.

High school or college sport t-shirts
If you or your child played in any high school or college sports, it is likely that you have many t-shirts lying around. Combining these sports t-shirts into a custom memory quilt is a great way to store them, while also creating a memorable item to look back on these important school memories. This custom t-shirt quilt can be given as a gift to the parent of a graduating senior. It can also be given to the senior as a memory of their school years.

Professional sport jerseys
If you have an avid sports fan in your household, it is also likely that you have numerous sports jerseys lying around. These jerseys are often expensive and they are not worn on a daily basis, so they can get in the way. Instead of shoving your favorite sports jerseys into the back of a dresser drawer, consider having them built into a custom quilt. Many sports fans have superstitions about throwing away a favorite team?s jersey. Combining them into a custom t-shirt quilt allows them to hold onto each and every single sports jersey.

Baby clothing items
A babies clothing is often very personal to a mother. There are a couple of clothing items that have significant meaning including the outfit the baby wore home for the first time, any communion outfits, and first and second birthday outfits. Babies quickly grow out of these items and it can take up valuable space to keep them. Putting these baby items into a custom t-shirt quilt is a wonderful gift for the parent. They can even gift the memory quilt back to the child when they have their own baby. Quilting can be traced back to ancient Egypt and China where three layers of fabric (top, batting for warmth, and backing) were stitched together to keep the middle layer from slipping and clumping. This same method is done by t-shirt quilt makers to make unique baby clothing quilts.

A parent?s favorite clothing items
Losing a parent can be a difficult process. The adult child is often tasked with going through their parent’s belongings. They will eventually be required to give away the majority of their stuff, because of a lack of space. However, there will be those few items that have special meaning such as the parent?s favorite clothing items, family blankets, and other family memorabilia. Instead of throwing these items in the attic where they will never be touched again, consider having them professionally quilted by memory quilt makers. About 14% of U.S. households are home to at least one active quilter, so you might even consider doing it yourself.

Relationship meaningful items
Marriage also often accumulates a large inventory of items. There are likely clothing items that mean a lot to each spouse including the wedding dress, wedding tux, engagement dress, or even the dress the wife was wearing during the proposal. These items can get lost or damaged over time. Have a marriage or relationship quilt designed that include each of these marriage significant items. It can make for the perfect anniversary gift.

Every household has those few items that are meaningful, but you don?t know what to do with them. Quilting is a great option. It dates back to 3400 BC. Your memorable items can be professionally quilted into a memory quilt. You can quilt with t-shirts, baby clothing, parents clothing, sport attire or jerseys, or even marriage items.

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