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Many Homeowners Creating Relaxing Underwater Themes at Home

September 23, 2015


Armillary sphere for sale

The best part of owning a home is the ability to decorate it. Most homeowners enjoy decorating, and the home decor market as a whole is worth over $65 billion annually. Men and women both enjoy decorating, and many are even willing to take time off from work to improve their homes’ decor.

With styles ranging from modern to vintage to country, many homeowners are opting for a relatively new home decorating theme: nautical home decor is becoming popular around the country, and with high-quality nautical items for sale, the theme is anything but cartoonish.

Many homeowners are looking to enhance and upgrade their living spaces. With an underwater blue coat of paint and well-chosen items such as a navy diving helmet, a painted mermaid on living room walls, or even vintage life preserver decor, a run-of-the-mill living room can easily be converted into an underwater adventure.

Life preserver decor can also be extended from walls to furniture. A nicely-mounted life preserver, copper diving helmet, or even an antique anchor can bring life to tired living rooms, but life preservers can also be incorporated into existing furniture as backs for chairs or may be displayed underneath a glass table top for fun and functional living room excitement.

Many antiques stores can help home decorators find pieces that go along with a nautical theme, and many varieties of paint can be used to produce underwater themes or even a beautiful sunset mural on a living room wall. Some homeowners take their nautical decorations and enhance them with pirate-themed decor, even hosting parties where all their guests dress up in historical attire.

There are many Americans who live by the sea or by a lake, and many who love to vacation by the water. Whatever theme a homeowner chooses to use in their bedrooms and living spaces, nautical decor remains an increasingly popular choice. People who love antiques, pirates, sunsets and beautiful underwater blue shades often are excited about integrating a nautical theme into their homes.

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