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Looking for a New Golf Cart For Sale? Know These 4 Things Before Buying

April 5, 2017


Golf carts

For regular golfers, trekking the green on foot is a less than ideal option. Travelling from hole to hole in a golf cart, on the other hand, is a hole in one. This form of transportation is extremely popular on golf courses across the country.

Tossing your clubs and accessories into a nearby low speed vehicle (LSV) makes the experience much more convenient and enjoyable. And in states like Florida, where golf courses and retirement communities dot the landscape, opting to purchase your own golf cart can be a wise decision. But whether you’re looking for a new golf cart for sale or used golf cart for sale, there are certain things to consider.

Make yourself aware of these four things before going to buy a golf cart:

  1. Roadway Restrictions Are Enforced

  2. Gold carts were not designed to be driven off the green and as a result, are not generally allowed on roadways. There are a few exceptions to this prohibition, however, depending on the state. You may be allowed drive a golf cart through certain roads if the road has been approved for golf cart crossing. A sign is typically posted that designated the road for such use.

  3. There is an Age Requirement

  4. Though not all states require a driver’s license to operate a golf cart, most do have an age requirement. In Georgia, Alabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Vermont, and South Carolina, the minimum age to drive a golf cart is 13. Some other states require drivers to be 14 or 15 years of age.

  5. They Have Their Limits

  6. Besides an of-age driver, golf carts should also always adhere to certain capacity standards. Most can carry from two to 10 passengers and have an average capacity of about 370 pounds, although it can vary by model.

    And when buying a new golf cart for sale, you should also consider the limitations of your cart’s battery life. The life of one battery usually lasts for two to three days. In other words, a new golf cart for sale may be able to run less time than one tank of gasoline lasts.

  7. Safety is Key

  8. Most importantly, safely operating your golf cart is paramount in ensuring the safety of you, your passengers and fellow drivers. Most major accidents involving golf carts happen as a result of cart overturn or someone falling/jumping from a moving golf cart. With the average cart weighing in around 1,000 pounds, these types of accidents can cause major injury or even death.

    In order to avoid such accidents, it’s important to follow common sense safety guidelines. Don’t push your cart to exceed it’s maximum designed speed. Most carts’ top speeds range from 15 to 25 miles per hour and should not be taken over such speeds. If you are moving quickly, it’s also important to avoid sharp turns, which can result in cart turnover, and always make sure your passengers are wearing seat belts if your cart has them. Besides seat belts, you should also encourage your passengers to hold onto the hand bars, which are typically located on either the side of the seat. These precautions can help to cut down on passenger ejection and injury.

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