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Is Your Home Stuck in the 1950s? Here’s How to Upgrade the Look of Your Living Room

September 9, 2015


Updated 11/25/20

In the 1950s, the wide assortment of window covering materials procurable today was not available. Affordable window coverings, draperies, curtains, and the like were standard in mid-century homes. Usually, these window coverings were made from some sort of cloth. Today, there are so many more options available such as roller shades, adjustable window blinds shades, affordable cordless blinds, and Roman and Venetian blinds, just to name a few. By taking full advantage of current materials to choose aesthetic window blinds from that are more suitable to a modern home, a look that is more updated and sophisticated can be achieved. For the minimalist style open-plan homes popular today, simple blinds are more suitable. Less is considered to be more, and windows are often left bare to highlight views and to let in fresh air and sunlight. For updated softer home designs, a combination of curtains and blinds is often used.

From the perspective of maintenance, blinds are easier to clean than window dressings. The 1950s housewives of yesteryear had plenty of time to primp and vacuum their ornate window dressings. However, for the time-starved homeowner of today, it is much easier to dust blinds with a microfiber cloth than to care for curtains.

Almost half of Americans have the same home decor they had five years ago, which is understandable because quality furniture can be a serious investment. What makes home re-decorating worthwhile is focusing on furniture, paint, and drapery styles that are classic, that will look as good in 10 years as they do today. Attractive, durable furniture does not necessarily have to be trendy to make a statement.Refurnishing a home’s interior with historically accurate furniture, wallpaper, paint, and drapery can be exciting, but some American’s homes are turning into period pieces just because they haven’t gotten around to updating them for 10 years or more.

Specifically, drapery styles can set the tone and mood of any room. Usually, a wide variety of fabrics is readily available, and some curtains are made to block light, keep a room insulated, and to save the integrity of rich fabrics that can be delicate and easily fade. Blackout shades may be installed to save older leather upholstery that is more prone to cracking or fading.

Many homeowners are eager to invest in quality custom curtains for larger windows, or ones that are of older vintage or are oddly-shaped. Even heavier curtains can be pulled back during the day to allow in light and heat, and then closed at night to keep a room warm. Curtains in homes with smokers may need more frequent laundering or replacement, but a professional home decorating agency may be able to advise consumers as to fabric selection.

Some homeowners want to upgrade their homes’ look and feel, but are sentimentally attached to their furniture and choose to re-upholster instead of replace. Old fabric is removed and replaced and since fabrics can age, the decision to re-upholster living room furniture can refresh a house that is sorely in need of a style update.

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