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Is a Low Maintenance Living Community for You?

October 27, 2016


Ideal location

Everybody wants to find their dream home. Some might have a vision that they’ve been hanging on to since childhood for what they want their home to be like, while others are figuring it out as they go. Generally, people do a bit of moving around before finally settling into the house that they are happy to call their very own home. Between first moving out of their parents house, to college dorms, to perhaps a shared apartment with a roommate or two while starting the job hunt to kick off their career, most people look forward to the day that they can stop moving and finally not have to worry about rent.

But for some, that wonderful idea of home ownership is tainted a bit by the amount of chores and home projects that immediately become their responsibility. For those who do not thrive on all of those home projects, low maintenance living is a great option when looking at new homes.

Finding a low maintenance living community

Right up there with desirable location
for a lot of people is the ability to move into their new home without having to worry about renovations or dealing with electricity or plumbing problems. While cost is often a factor, those who can afford to find the home that fits their lifestyle, that requires little to no work to update, are generally the happiest of the new home buying bunch. And if there are those who would really rather not put in the work on their house from the get go, chances are they might not be too excited about the general maintenance that caring for a house typically requires. This is where low maintenance living communities come in. The communities are often made up of luxury town homes, and the best part about lifestyle in a new home community is that it is complete with caretakers and maintenance workers who attend to things like your garden, or perhaps a leaky roof.

Starting the adventure to buy a home

Everyone has a different idea for the house that they would like to end up in, so many people have different ways of going about finding it. A poll of recent buyers showed that 78% considered their real estate agent to be incredibly helpful, while about 82% said that online websites were also incredibly helpful sources. Many potential buyers spend about 10 weeks searching for the perfect home, and end up viewing about 10 homes before deciding which to buy. And as far as those preferences for avoiding maintenance or renovation repairs, about 34% said they would buy a new home to avoid that hassle, while 32% who were more concerned with more affordable prices bought houses that had been previously owned.

There is no one right way to find the perfect home that applies to everyone. Know what is most important for the health and happiness of you and your family, and start the house hunt with that in mind. Continue your research here.

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