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How To Transform Your Home Into a Rustic, Log Cabin-Style

February 26, 2014


Log cabin furniture

Log cabins symbolize the rustic, hardy lifestyle of the old frontier for many Americans. Their distinct appearance is a result of their construction, in which round logs are overlapped in a square to create a house. Log cabins have been an American staple since the 1600s, when settlers from Sweden brought their home country’s building customs here. They constructed these cabins with a few rudimentary tools, including the ax, adz and the auger.

These days, log cabins are a little harder to find than they used to be. However, it’s easy to bring the comforts and rustic decor of a log cabin to your home, no matter what material your house is made out of. The simplest way to do this is to accent your decor with log cabin style furniture.

Did you know that the earliest log cabin designs often only consisted of one room, with a loft where its owners could sleep? Luckily, you don’t have to live in a one-room house to enjoy the simple pleasures of the log cabin aesthetic! To begin adding character to your home, incorporate texture, which can come from rustic log cabin style furniture like log furniture. Woods like cedar, aspen, walnut and pine are all great choices for log cabin furniture. Another interesting element to try is furniture made with antlers, such as chandeliers.

Equally important in creating that “log cabin” feel are your furnishings. Incorporating copper or wood for your electrical outlet covers, coat hangers and door handles can really bring your home together.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t find any of this rustic log cabin furniture at your local home improvement chain. You’ll likely have to visit areas where people specialize in producing log cabin style furniture, like the Adirondacks in New York. However, the search makes the treasures you’ll find all the more rewarding!

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