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Four Great Ways to Have the Wedding You Want (And the One You Can Afford)

February 25, 2014


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When you’re planning your nuptials, it’s normal to feel like you’re being pulled in 20 different directions. You’re trying to find wedding venues that satisfy your decorative desires while also looking for impressive wedding reception locations that won’t drive you directly into debt as you try to begin your brand new life. But who says a lovely, memorable and dream-fulfilling wedding has to be an expensive one at all?

Society, for one. The average cost of a wedding in America (with all prices totaled), is somewhere around $27,000. And that’s not even including the honeymoon.

However, just because the national economy took a downturn in the past five years doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing happened to the number of weddings. In fact, people still got married, even when they had to get creative to work up some options regarding how to finance it. Thrifty wedding planning seems to be the hot knot-tying activity du jour. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best ways to save some cash planning your dream wedding:

1. Look into winter wedding dates.

When’s the last time you’ve attended a wedding in the winter? Can’t remember, can you? That’s because peak wedding season is typically through spring, summer and fall. But committing to a wedding in December or January just might knock a few hundred bucks off your wedding reception packages. Plus, you won’t have to compete with the dates of some of your friends’ ceremonies.

2. Don’t go crazy on the wedding party’s gifts.

Plenty of people make the mistake of going big for holiday and wedding presents. But a thousand-dollar timepiece isn’t going to be of much use to a person who doesn’t sport watches at all. Stick to personal gifts and you’ll never be stuck for ideas or strapped for cash. The money you save can be better spend on the search to find wedding venues and honeymoon travel reservations.

3. Get crafty.

You might not have enough time (or patience) to make your wedding dress by hand, but if you’re crafty, you could at least make the veil. And while you’re at it, brainstorm with your future spouse about ideas for cute custom invitations and party favors for the reception hall. The more individual you make the wedding, the more you’re bound to have a uniquely special, wonderful time.

4. Cupcakes, not one cake.

OK, so you have to have at least a small cake to cut at your reception. But as for the rest of your guests, odds are they’d be satisfied with a simple cupcake. You can even bake these yourself or hire a professional decorator to make them look festive. Just make sure the price of the decor is less than what you’d spend on a gigantic cake in the first place.

You don’t need a million dollars to know how to plan a perfect wedding. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of time on your hands. Whether you’re trying to find wedding venues or just the right colors you should make the tablecloths, remember that this is your special day. Make your wedding a true celebration of you — and your partner. For more about this, go here.

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