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How to Replace Your Remote Control in Four Simple Steps

December 31, 2014


Sony tv remote replacement

The earliest TV remote controls were connected to the television by a wire, but now that we’ve got the convenience of wireless remotes, we have another problem. There are almost three remotes per household in the US, and the average TV watcher will spend two weeks looking for remote controls in their lifetime.

  1. Look for the Remote

    Before you do anything, make absolutely sure that you can’t find the remote. It may be in a garbage can, or between couch cushions, or left by the refrigerator when someone got up to get a snack and took the remote with them. You can also think of ways to keep track of your remotes, like buying organizers or attaching them to side tables with velcro. If you really can’t find the remote, it’s time to look into alternatives.
  2. Find the Model Number

    When you decide to buy replacement remotes, you first need to find the model numbers on the back of the corresponding devices. Even if you know you need, for instance, a Panasonic replacement remote, it might not be enough to have the brand. Many sellers have several different Panasonic replacement remotes so it helps to search by the model number to avoid getting the wrong remote.
  3. Use the Model Number to Find a New Remote

    Let’s go with the Panasonic replacement remote example again. To find your new Panasonic remote, you can usually search sites that sell remotes by brand and model number, so knowing both of those things can help you find and purchase the same remote you lost.
  4. Program the New Remote

    Programming a remote is fairly straightforward. You’ll usually need to input one of several codes specifically for the remote that you can find online or in the manual, and then you’ll be up and running and ready to use your device again.

TV remote replacements are easy to come by and work great. Get one for your device today!
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