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Consider Property Management a Large Part of Your Living Experience

December 25, 2014


Buy investment property

If you’ve found yourself in the market for a new home, the options for how to get started may have you at a loss for what to do next. The prevalence of luxury development neighborhoods add to the equation, since you can choose from an existing home, or have one of the builders associated with the planned neighborhood build something to your specifications. One of the hidden concerns with planned communities is property management, since whatever service the development has in place is the service you will be dealing with regarding maintenance and security. You want to be sure that whoever you’re dealing with is using the most professional property management company available.
If you’re thinking about building a new house, give some serious thought to the features you want the most. Make a list with several columns: things you must have, things you would like to have if possible and things you definitely don’t want. If you’re shopping within master-planned communities, they will have a set handful of builders to choose from, but if you’re looking at large, here’s some tips about selecting builders:
Put a List Together

  • Touch base with the local home builders association, who can supply you with a list of builders working within a given area.
  • Check in the real estate listings of the local paper from new projects and the names of prominent builders. This will also likely give you an idea of the types of homes associated with different builders, so you can immediately get a better idea of which ones you might end up working with.
  • Call around to local Realtors, who may have recommendations.
  • Ask any other local contacts if they have ideas — friends, family, etc.
    Homework Time

  • Getting involved with a builder is a big step and a substantial commitment, so ask the questions you need to in order to feel comfortable.
  • Take a drive past homes and subdivisions your selected builders have worked on.
  • Weekend afternoons are a good time to try and catch people outside, where you can introduce yourself and ask questions. If you explain you’re thinking of buying a home from the same builder, they will likely be happy to chat with you about their experience.
  • Find out if they’re happy with their home and if they’ve experienced any notable problems. Ask if they’d buy from the same builder again.
  • If it’s a subdivision or part of a master-planned community, you will also want to know if the professional property management company handles things efficiently and courteously.
  • If folks are unhappy with their purchase, they’re usually forthcoming about it.
    These are just a few ideas to help you get the ball rolling. Often, folks will buy beautiful luxury homes and not find out about the property management service until the ink is dry, but a professional property management company makes a huge difference in the overall living experience and needs to be incorporated into the scheme of your decisions early on.

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