How Old Should Your Children Be Before Introducing Chores?

May 16, 2018


When deciding how to handle your children’s chores, you have the unique chance to leverage today’s technology. Using a chore chart app in tandem with a kids debit card, you can effectively automate allowance payment and accountability. You might think it is odd to give your kids debit cards, but doing so is hardly any different than giving them cash. Plus it’s more relevant to modern society. No, the more relevant question is at what age should you be assigning your children their chores?

You might not expect your two- to three-year-old to do too much, but they can start learning responsibility around this age. Easy chores like putting their toys away, dressing themselves, and sorting silverware are all well within a toddler’s capabilities.

Grade School
You can start allowing your early grade school children to take a bigger role in helping around the house. Seven- to nine-year-olds are more than capable of loading and unloading the dishwasher, helping you cook meals, and even packing their own lunch the night before school. It might not seem like it to you right now, but these small actions can make a big difference in your life and in their willingness to work for an allowance.

Middle School
When your children enter their pre-teen years, a whole new horizon of chores opens up. They can now take full responsibility for changing their own bedding, cleaning the kitchen (and bathroom if they are ambitious), and mowing the lawn. As they age, the complexity of their chores increases. So, too, should their allowance. If they are truly making an effort, reward them with more responsibility and a greater reward.

This is where the best chore app comes into play. You will want a way to hold your children accountable for their weekly responsibilities. Likewise, your children will want to prove that they have completed their chores and deserve to be rewarded. Managing chores through an app can help teach responsibility at a young age to your children in a way that they will understand.

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