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How Japanese Folding Screens Can Change Your Home

May 16, 2014


Japanese sliding door

Everyone has likely seen Japanese folding screens before, whether in a historical movie, in a magazine, or even in the house of a peer. These screens, also called Shoji screens, are simple, beautiful, and elegant, lending the clean appearance of Eastern style and architecture to any space. However, you may be wondering how Shoji screens and doors would look in your home, how they would affect your daily life. After all, how do Japanese divider screens fit into a modern Western home? The answer: better than you might expect.

Japanese screens are unexpectedly practical: the builders of Shoji panels frequently use cypress and cedar wood to construct these Japanese Shoji screens. This helps to make them extremely durable; they hold up well under the trials and tribulations of handling, and stay solid and functioning even in humid climates, making them a great investment. But these Japanese divider screens are also practical: they allow home owners to divide their rooms in whatever manner they find pleasing, a cheaper solution than a remodel.

But Shoji screens are also a great option for their aesthetic appeal: they are considered a modern way to incorporate a timeless, exotic look into your home, as well as exert your own taste and style through interior decorating. They are an incredibly versatile furnishing, workable either indoors or outdoors, thanks to their durability and simple, classic appearance.

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