How Expert Painters Tackle Ceilings

August 14, 2023


Painting ceilings can be a challenge and a strain on your neck. Painters recommend using a roller or an airless sprayer. The video demonstrates how to paint a ceiling using a roller.

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Gather the required equipment such as paint, rollers, drop cloths, roller buckets, and protective gear such as goggles. Clear the room or use drop cloths and plastic sheeting to cover up furniture. An 18-inch roller is recommended as it gets the job done faster, and you don’t have to keep looking up. The roller is dipped into a roller pan that’s full of paint.

Start painting the edges first using a 9-inch roller. The roller edge is wrapped with lint or nap, thus making it simple to paint the edges evenly. To get good results, use the correct products. Dead flat paint is ideal for ceilings as it doesn’t show light glare, hides imperfections, and roller lap marks don’t show.

Paint the ceiling in the correct direction. This depends on where the natural light in the room is coming from. Paint in a perpendicular direction to minimize roller marks.

To paint around ceiling fixtures and lights, spray a bonding primer around them before you roll the ceiling. Then use an airless sprayer and spray these areas. By following these tips, you can have a well-painted ceiling with a professional finish, just like an experienced painter.


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