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How A Realtor Can Help You Sell Your Home Faster

August 16, 2019


Are you trying to sell your home? Are you trying to figure out the best way to go about it? Are you trying to make sure you get a fair price on your house?

If the answer to any of these questions was yes you need to get yourself a realtor. A realtor or real estate agent knows your local housing market and can help you make the whole process easier. If you’re trying to sell your home there are several advantages to having a realtor in your corner.

Getting your home in front of people: a good chunk of people who are looking to buy a house are first-time home buyers. A good chunk of people who are looking to buy a house are first time home buyers. So what does that mean for you as a seller? It means a good realtor will have a strategy to make sure your home is seen by people. Many people prefer to still look at houses up close, but they’re also going online to check out properties too. In fact for 42% of recent home buyers the first step in the home buying process was looking at properties for sale online.

Armed with a good strategy, your realtor can do everything possible to make sure people see your house, whether that’s holding open houses, canvassing the neighborhood with fliers or posting your home all over social media platforms for people can see it. With a well-rounded strategy, your realtor can have your home sold in no time.

  • Getting good offers: Another advantage of using a realtor to sell your home is they have the experience and the ability to negotiate contracts. That means they’ll know how to get deals done and come away with a price that will leave you happy. If your home is a hot commodity, you may find that buyers get into bidding wars for your home, which will drive the price up. If a buyer really really wants your house, they are more than willing to pay top dollar most likely and a good realtor will be able to help you make that happen.
  • Good presentation: If your home looks good either online or in-person, there’s a good chance people will want to buy it. An experienced realtor can showcase all the best things about your home and really grab a buyer’s attention when they get a chance to look at it. A showing will give potential buyers a chance to ask questions about your home and a realtor can usually answer any questions or address any concerns they have.
  • Better sale prices: If there’s a bidding war for your home, a buyer will more than likely be willing to pay extra to secure the house. A realtor can also have access into a multiple listing service which means that other real estate agents get a chance to look at your property and get information out to buyers in their area, so you’ve got more people going to bat for you when it comes to selling your home. Say for example you’ve got a realtor Knoxville, an MLS can get your information to surrounding areas and in front of more eyes of buyers.
  • Inspections: For any home buyer when they buy a home, they want to make sure they’re making the right choice. A realtor can make sure everything’s in order from inspections to down payments to any other potential problems that might need to be fixed.

Surveys have found that’s 78% of recent buyers find a real estate agent to be a very useful source of information. Whether you’re buying or selling, a realtor can be an invaluable guide for whichever process you’re going through.

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