DIY Installing a Septic Pump

August 8, 2022


The septic pump install process doesn’t have to be complex. Learn how to do it like a pro from this video. Homeowners without access to municipal sewage systems need septic tanks to manage and dispose of waste products.

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A property owner is liable for the care, maintenance, and sometimes installation of the septic system. In many homes, the septic pump installation should be in a highly elevated area away from the drainage basin based on the geographical area. In this case, a septic effluent pump becomes necessary to draw sewage from one septic tank camper to the distribution tank to ensure the septic system functions properly.

The septic pump install process begins with doing a site survey and conducting a soil test of the area. After identifying the ideal location, property owners should collect all the necessary tools and equipment required for excavation. Individuals will need to establish where to excavate based on the septic tank’s location. Excavate approximately two feet deep before drilling a hole across the wall. Homeowners can even penetrate deeper under the property footing. The excavated hole should be large enough to accommodate the aerobic tank under the ground. Position a washed drain rock from a neighboring gravel pit around the pipe to hold it in place. Cover the tank and pipe after receiving a green tag from the health assessor.

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