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Dependable Maid ServiceGold Mine in a Bottle of Lysol

September 21, 2016


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House cleaning is big business in the United States. Most families now are two income families, and both husband and wife need to work just to make ends meet. Hours can be long and exhausting. When asked, 87% of women believe that a clean house reflects them as a person. However, many women haven’t the time anymore to devote to making their home as clean and welcoming as they would like it to be. When it comes to maintaining clean carpet, which can be a full time job in itself, many people, 84%, believe that their carpet must be clean in order for their home to be clean. However, just 55% of homeowners will have their carpeting shampooed at least every six months, as is suggested by the EPA; many wait longer.

Right now in the U.S. there are 894,920 maids actively working; in spite of this fact, finding a dependable maid service can be a daunting task. Without question it is necessary to find an experienced maid service that is highly recommended by other customers who have employed them in the past, or employ them now. There must be an element of caution used when hiring someone whom a customer can trust to spend a period of time in their home.

When searching for a dependable maid service, customers are usually looking for someone to perform the basics; vacuum, dust, wash floors, clean the bathroom, and clean the kitchen. Most cleaning services will advertise the types of cleaning jobs they do as a rule, but will readjust their lists according to the needs and requests of the customer. There are other services, for instance, laundry, or refrigerator cleaning, that a dependable maid service will do upon the request of the customer, sometimes for an additional fee. Housecleaning services are also available for apartment cleaning as well, usually offering the same type of services as are offered for private homes.

Same-day maid services are readily available for office cleaning as well as for private home and apartment cleaning. These services, too, will be listed in their advertisements. Extra chores such as window washing, pressure washing, wax floor maintenance, and carpet cleaning can also be offered by a dependable maid service. Many cleaning services now offer to use green cleaners for customers who so prefer, or customers who may have allergies to chemicals found in some common cleansers. As the environment has become a big concern these days, many people are turning to green cleaners. As a matter of fact, sales of these types of cleaners have recently increased by 35%.

A great many custom cleaning services have found value in expanding their horizons to offer outdoor home cleaning services; for instance, gutter cleaning, and exterior wood restoration. They also advertise cleaning services for apartment turn-over, cleaning apartments recently vacated, and construction cleanup for homes and office buildings. Janitorial services are becoming more commonly offered by cleaning services as well.

Dependable maid service has become more and more popular throughout recent years. The benefits of hiring a maid are far and away more numerous than they have ever been before. Years ago, one income was sufficient for a household, and one parent or the other could stay home to take care of the house and the kids while the other parent brought home the bacon. Modern times, however, have called for a shift in the definition of the breadwinner. Now, in most families with children, both parents are out making a living. Even families with no children are two income households now. A good maid service is invaluable to working parents, couples, and singles who just haven’t got the time to work outside the home and maintain the home’s cleanliness at the same time. House cleaning in itself is a full time job. Those who have learned to capitalize on it and help others at the same time have found a gold mine! Find more.

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