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Affordable Ways To Make A Difference

Donating to charity doesn’t always involve writing a check. In fact, of the 70% of Americans who donate to charity every year, many donate clothes and other items — without spending any money at all. Here are a few charitable donations that are free or extremely low cost: Tax-Deductible Clothing Donation That’s right. You can […]

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How Donating to Charity Can Teach You and Your Family About Supporting a New Cause

Most people aren’t aware of it, but there are often others right in their own communities who could use some help. Whether they need to escape from poverty and homelessness or just make ends meet for the month, someone somewhere may need the support of others. Unfortunately, many people don’t know where to start donating […]

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Three Ways You Can Help Needy Families (That Don’t Cost a Cent)

Research has shown that nearly 70% of Americans will donate to charity at least once a year. The reasons aren’t entirely cryptic — plenty of organizations offer tax-deductible donation options, and on top of all that, it just feels good to be altruistic while helping families in need. And one of the biggest groups that […]

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