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4 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Gently Used Items

September 14, 2016


Used clothing donations

Sometimes donating to a clothing donation center can seem daunting. We all get so busy in life that those kinds of things end up going to the bottom of the priority list. In reality, it should be one of the most important things that you do. If you find yourself to busy, make your life easier by using the red cross clothing pick up service or something like that instead of just giving up on it all together. It’s better to carve out a little time to do it and forego something else. You have to realize what matters in life. Money and possessions will fade away but people are around for a long time. Used clothing donations might be nothing to you, but they could change someone’s life for the better. Here are a few reasons that you should prioritize some time to donate clothing and other items.

Putting others before yourself helps to solve your own problems.
It’s a crazy phenomenon that no one has really been able to figure out. The truth is, when you don’t think about yourself and your own problems so much and you start thinking about other people, your problems don’t seem that huge. For example, if you are packing your gently used items into a box for the red cross clothing pick up service to come and get, you might start thinking about the kinds of people that are going to be using this stuff. Hurricane victims, earthquake and flood survivors, those that are homeless, veterans, military families serving our country all over the world, separated from their loved ones, laying their lives on the line; they seem to have it a little worse than you do. You’ll start to realize that your issues aren’t that bad in comparison or you may even come up with solutions for your problems because you’re not constantly agonizing over them anymore.

It clears your mind to be able to do other things.
A cluttered house makes for a cluttered mind. When you have a ton of stuff, its hard to keep your house clean. Dusting all the little trinkets and lifting up everything to vacuum becomes a burden and sometimes you just don’t do it. It’s amazing how much stuff we can collect over time. There are studies that show that students do better on tests when their rooms and homes are clean. This is attributed to the fact that, when the house is clean, it’s easier to focus and concentrate on things; in this case, studying for the test. Being able to walk into a clean and clutter free home is one of life’s biggest little joys.

It gives you a chance to pay less taxes.
Doesn’t everyone want to avoid giving money to the government? The more of our hard earned money we can keep, the better. Make sure that when you get a receipt every time you donate so that you can write it off the following year when you do your taxes. This means that essentially, you will be getting paid to give your things away. It’s basically the same as selling it, you just have to wait a little to get your money. If you use the red cross clothing pick up service, then make sure that you have them leave you a receipt in your mailbox if you aren’t going to be home when they come.

Organizations make it easy for you to do.
A lot of people don’t donate because they think it’s going to be a complicated process. It really isn’t. Your part is to gather up your items and either drop them off at a charity donation center or have the red cross clothing pick up truck come and get them. And then, you’re done. The organization has a lot of work to do from there but your part is complete.

If you’ve been giving yourself random excuses as to why you can’t donate, stop now. There is really nothing that can be more important than focusing on other people and helping them. Even if you think you are poor, you most likely have more than someone else, so you can always doing something to help that person.

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