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One of the Simplest Ways to Show Your Support for Military Families and Veterans

The recent release of actor turned producer and director, Clint Eastwood’s film American Sniper renewed a sense of patriotism and pro-military support across the nation. The film depicts the military career and family life of one of — if not the single most — deadly American Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle. While American Sniper has […]

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What the Recession Taught Americans About Home Ownership

If the Recession taught Americans one thing, it’s that they can get by with a lot less than they thought possible. This new sentiment is reflected in current home remodeling trends with emphasis on less being more. Gone are the days of excess, where homes and lofts and apartments boasted professional-grade kitchens and designer bathrooms. […]

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Why Many Homeowners Are Still Reeling From Hurricane Sandy’s Damage

Hurricane Sandy’s destruction left thousands throughout the Northeast utterly devastated in its wake. Homes were damaged at best, destroyed at worst. In the state of New Jersey alone, more than 75,000 insurance claims were filed by homeowners in the storm’s aftermath, seeking financial restitution for the flood damage done to their homes. And while FEMA […]

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