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Three of the Most Common Senior Housing Options Available

February 13, 2015


Senior housing options

Whether the search was prompted by a medical calamity or by the wish to change lifestyles, finding suitable senior housing is always a bit tricky. Luckily, there are several different senior housing options available nowadays that can address any need or situation. Here are just a few choices seniors have.

Aging In Place.

Aging in place is one of the more desirable senior housing options, as many elderly people would most prefer to simply stay at home than have to move out somewhere new. This might be a good senior housing option if the elderly person has a close network of family and friends, can easily get around themselves, lives in a safe neighborhood, doesn’t need to do a lot of yard work or home maintenance, and has a low level of care. However, the less mobile a senior is, the less likely he or she will be able to choose aging in place as a senior housing option.

Assisted Living.

Assisted living provides seniors with the help they may need to complete some of their daily activities, such as remembering to take medications. However, seniors still get to live on their own, in their own place, which are typically similar to an apartment. The cost of this senior housing option typically depends on the level of senior citizen housing assistance required. This is a good option for any senior who doesn’t require around-the-clock medical care and/or supervision, but still needs help daily.

Nursing Homes.

No one every likes to think about looking for local nursing homes to help their parents, but they exist for a reason: to help elderly people take care of themselves. These housing facilities provide the highest level of care, outside of a hospital, allowing licensed physicians to supervise the care of each resident, and nurses or other professional medical practitioners to assist them. This is a good choice for any senior who needs both medical and personal care, and/or has mobility issues.

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