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Why Many Homeowners Are Still Reeling From Hurricane Sandy’s Damage

February 4, 2015


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Hurricane Sandy’s destruction left thousands throughout the Northeast utterly devastated in its wake. Homes were damaged at best, destroyed at worst.

In the state of New Jersey alone, more than 75,000 insurance claims were filed by homeowners in the storm’s aftermath, seeking financial restitution for the flood damage done to their homes.

And while FEMA reports that the National Flood Insurance Program doled out some $3.9 billion in aid to 58,055 insurance policy holders as of December 2014, thousands more found their claims were denied.

According to a January 20 NewsWorks article, 6,532 insurance claims were rejected and effectively closed without payment in New Jersey alone. About 1,500 claim cases throughout the Northeast continue to be bogged down in litigation to this day — more than two years after Hurricane Sandy.

Insurance providers have said the reasons for these claim denials vary widely. For most of these denied claims, homeowners were underinsured, or their policies didn’t cover as much damage as they thought. However, public adjusters and other advocates for these homeowners say there are still a large number of wrongly rejected or underpaid claims for flood damage stemming from Sandy. The biggest reason insurance providers denied claims was due to the claimants’ homes allegedly having pre-existing damage.

And it’s not just flooding that Hurricane Sandy survivors had to face. According to Newswork, several homeowners’ property was contaminated due to leaking oil tanks washing up on their property, and some even faced pollution from ruptured sewer lines. Mold and mildew has been a common issue plaguing homes throughout the region.

For homeowners still seeking financial restitution for the damage their homes faced in Hurricane Sandy, it might be time to seek out the help of a public adjuster who can help you get the insurance claim you deserve.

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