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Why We Should All Be Donating To Charity

April 16, 2019


Charitable donations are hugely common all throughout the United States. In fact, very nearly three quarters (around 70%, to be a bit more exact) of the population as a whole will make some type of charitable donation each and every year, at least once throughout the year if not even more frequently than that. And with so many charitable donations coming in, it has even been estimated that as much as 3% of the collective income generated in this country on a yearly basis will all also be given to charity and various charitable organizations.

Of course, making monetary donations is not always possible for many people out there in the world and even in this country. For many people, finances are quite tight and there’s not really anything to spare for charitable organizations, no matter how much good such an organization is able to do. Fortunately, there are other ways to give back, such as through American Red Cross clothing donations and other types of charitable clothing donations.

If you choose to donate clothes in the form of American Red Cross clothing donations, you will truly be doing a great deal of good. After all, Red Cross centers in the United States are open every single day of the year as well as every single hour of the day. Therefore, they can take all of the American Red Cross clothing donations they are given (often at a Red Cross pick up site). These American Red Cross clothing donations can then directly help the people that these Red Cross centers serve on a daily basis.

After all, American Red Cross centers don’t just provide clothing through the aid of American Red Cross clothing donations. In addition to this, the average Red Cross center will also supply everything from food to blankets to even blood, should it be necessary for any person at the center. And, of course, the American Red Cross provides shelter for those who are in need of it. Therefore, making donations to the American Red Cross is incredibly worthwhile.

And American Red Cross clothing donations are something that just about everyone can make. After all, clothing consumption in this country is higher than it has ever been before, with the average person consuming nearly 70 different garments and articles of clothing over the course of a single year. This means that a total of 20 billion or so various garments are consumed in this one country alone over this same span of time. Therefore, the average person living in the United States likely has a number of clothing articles to give away in the form of used clothing donations.

But how exactly should one go about this? For one thing, you’ll want to give away anything that no longer fits you. If something doesn’t fit, it’s unlikely if it ever will again. Therefore, giving it to charity will allow you to give it a new home without simply throwing it away. And so too should clothes that you no longer wear anymore be given away. Again, this is something that will benefit you quite hugely when all is said and done, allowing you to make space in your closet as well as in your life as a whole.

All things considered, giving away clothing in the form of American Red Cross clothing donations is hugely beneficial from an environmental standpoint as well. After all, the average single person will toss out up to ten pounds of clothing each and every year. All of this clothing must go somewhere, and that place is almost always a landfill. Giving away your clothing instead, perhaps in the form of American Red Cross clothing donations, can effectively help to prevent this from happening.

Even if you think that your clothing might be too worn out to donate, the fact of the matter is that nearly 100% of all textiles are actually able recycled. Even if they can’t be used for their originally intended purpose due to wear and tear, they can be used for a variety of other things, something that will be hugely impactful in reducing waste and even the use of new materials and the resources that they require to be made in the first place.

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