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Why the Rustic Furniture Trend is so Popular and will Likely Stick Around

July 25, 2018


Consumers know what they want when it comes to home furnishings and they are prepared to spend money necessary to get it. For example, consumers in the U.S. are willing to spend more than $2,000 in order to get the living room that they want, as well as upwards of $1,500 for redecorating purposes. It only makes sense that some trends come and go, but there is one trend that seems to have stuck around for a while. Rustic furniture seems to have a place in homes, and it seems like it will for many years.


Rustic furniture such as barnwood furniture, log furniture, a rustic bedroom suite and natural rustic patio furniture and outdoor furniture doesn’t follow a certain set of rules when it comes to interior decorating as other trends and designs to. There are so many combinations when it comes to mixing designs and colors. You can mix organic elements with shabby elements and even incorporate elegant sleek elements with your design. Rustic furniture and accessories gives way for endless design options.


There is no denying that seeing rustic furniture warms your heart. On a cold winter night walking into a rustic bedroom suite with the soft glow of a fireplace going and snow falling outside. Paint the picture in your head? This is what rustic furniture does. It gives the perception that a home is warm, welcome and friendly. Pairing these furnishings with other eccentric or sleek and modern designs allows you to show off your sense of style but still keep the warm welcoming feeling that only rustic furniture can provide.


Most rustic furniture decor consists of neutral colors, which allows plenty of possibilities for your inner color to shine through the room. Rustic bedroom suites can be paired with bright yellows and orange colors to add style to the room. Bright accents work well with rustic furnishings, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have some fun. Show your creativity throughout each room with vibrant colors coupled with rustic furniture.

Now that the benefits of rustic furniture are clear, read over some tips and tricks to incorporate the perfect rustic look into your home. Whether you are opting for rustic outdoor furniture, or just one room such as a rustic bedroom suite these tips will help the entire layout of the house flow smoothly and flawlessly.


Just because you have an eye for the rustic furniture doesn’t mean your whole house needs to scream it. Go easy on the look. Don’t sacrifice elegance for a room that is completely rustic. Implementing a couple of rustic piece coupled with elegant pieces can help bring the room together comfortably.


While it can be fun to incorporate bright and vibrant colors into the rustic furniture scheme, you want to make sure that larger sections match the same tone as the furniture. This means save the brighter colors for smaller accents, and choose warmer hues for larger things, such as walls, curtains and rugs. Neutral and earthy tones will best suit rustic furniture choices.


Add different textures to a room with rustic furniture. Take your bedroom for example. If you have a rustic bedroom suite, try incorporating some rope texture as accents. Either on vases, candles or even a trashcan beside the bed. Incorporate some leather feel, maybe the throw pillows on the bed. Put a fuzzy throw with frayed ends on the bed to add just a bit more. Incorporating different types of textures throughout a room allows you to express creativity and have fun while helping the room come together.

The global market for furniture and floor is expected to reach record growths at almost $700 million by 2019. Consumers want trends that keep up and don’t loose their longevity. Rustic furniture does just that. It’s versatile, easy to work with and lasts for years making it a popular choice for consumers.

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