Why Should You Consider Cremation Services?

February 27, 2024


In this video, viewers learn about cremation and why it may be the right choice for many people. Some people choose cremation due to religious reasons, but others do so because of financial reasons. Cremation can often be a more economical option, depending on which services are included with the cremation. Basic cremation services are only a way to care for a body after death.

How Is the Cost of Cremation Determined?

Families often opt for other services along with the cremation, such as a funeral service or a viewing.

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If the family wants to hold a memorial service, there would be an additional charge. Some cremation services provide a venue for the memorial service, or for someone to officiate the memorial service.

What Are the Options for Cremation Ashes?

After cremation, there are many options for cremation urns, but if a fancy urn is not chosen, the cremation facility will place the cremated remains in a cardboard or plastic container. In contrast, some families want their loved one’s ashes to be made into jewelry. Other options for the ashes could include scattering them or having them made into a coral reef to be placed in the ocean. Some families choose to transform their loved one’s ashes into ammunition or make them into a record which could play the deceased’s favorite song.

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