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Why Consult An Interior Designer And Decorator

January 11, 2017


If you’re remodeling your home, an interior designer might seem like something that is out of your budget. But if you can find one that you can afford, they can make a big difference in the final result. An interior designer can help you find both the best modern home decor and affordable interior design ideas. They can customize everything to fit you, your tastes, and your budget, as well as bring knowledge about interior architecture that can help prevent any problems before they appear.

However, if you cannot afford a personal interior designer, there are other options. Home interior design websites can help you pinpoint exactly what it is you want to do. They can also sometimes offer 3d home interior design online, which can show you how the changes and decisions will look in your home before you make any purchases. While this can’t replace having a real person in your homemaking suggestions, it can help you get a semblance of that experience. So look online and see what is available, you might find something you love.


It?s important to start with the designation between interior design and interior decoration. While they are closely connected and often overlap, they are not necessarily the same thing. Interior designers are concerned with the best use of space and structure, while an interior decorator is focused primarily on the surface look and feel of the space. Both are integral to creating the most beautiful and functional areas. In addition, both are in growing demand in the professional sector, with current revenues above $10 billion, and an expected 20 percent growth rate for specialized interior design industries over the next decade.

While there are many things you can do yourself regarding home designs, there are benefits to consulting a professional. First, you?ll get a trained eye and experienced opinion from someone who has viewed and created hundreds of designs for a wide range of tastes and budgets. You?ll receive a preview of the proposed designs, and can expect that your finished space will meet your goals. There is less trial and error than if you do it yourself. Another benefit is that, while it may have a financial expense, it saves time. A professional designer is an experienced shopper: he or she will have a network of resources with which they can quickly find the items needed for your home design, whether it is in the renovation designs stage or at the decoration stage. Lastly, an interior designer and decorator will be able to suggest things you might not have thought of on your own, whether it be knocking down a wall or combining unexpected patterns and colors.

Although it?s beneficial to consult a professional, there are some tried-and-true tips you can do yourself that will maximize the designs of your spaces.

1.Make sure that there is around 12-18″ of floor surface on all four sides of any rug.
2.Art should be hung with its center at eye level, which is generally 56″ to 60″ from the floor
3.Use the ?rule of threes? for home decorating projects. Odd numbers in the arrangements of decorative designs and objects is more eye-catching and interesting than even numbers.
4.Declutter. Less is more. If you have to pack some of your decorative items and rotate them seasonally, that?s preferable to putting everything out all at once.
5.Hang a mirror in every room, even if it?s a small one. They make rooms seem bigger and brighter.

These simple adjustments can have a big influence on a room, and in turn affect the moods of those who occupy the room. Simply put, good decorating and designs can put you in a good mood. Color choices, layout and comfort level of furniture, and lighting can all influence the way a person feels. This is yet another reason to consult a professional designer, who will have had training on the psychological and emotional effects of color, pattern, and light, as well as functionality.

We spend a lot of our time in rooms! It?s important that we make them efficient and beautiful, and maximize the positive potential of the spaces we spend our lives in.

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