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Why Children with Down Syndrome are a Blessing

May 16, 2019


It is said that down syndrome (DS) can be discovered in the womb, and some people choose to have this testing done. However, the tests are not always accurate and many people are told their child will have down syndrome, but are born without it. Still, if you’ve chosen to have the test performed and been told that your child will most likely have DS, it can be a jarring time in your life. Babies with down syndrome require special care and that won’t change as they age. You may be feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

However, you don’t have anything to worry about. Raising a child with down syndrome is just as much of a blessing as it is to raise a child without it. Plus, there is plenty of help available for parents like you. There are support groups, DS resource centers, specialists, and more. If you’re feeling shocked and overwhelmed by your baby’s DS diagnosis, here are some reminders of why your baby is still an amazing blessing.

They Can Have a Full Life

Regardless of what some people might try to say, babies with down syndrome can grow up to have an incredibly full life. They can fall in love, chase their dreams, and have amazing experiences that make their lives worth living. Having a disability doesn’t mean they automatically have to give up a fulfilling life. You have the chance to help them learn and grow, and to guide them into a life they can be proud of.

They Teach You to Grow

While you are teaching your child to grow and succeed, they will be teaching you to do the same. Parenting a child with down syndrome will challenge you at times, yes, but it will also force you to grow as a person. You will be forced to adapt, love with your whole heart, and become a better version of yourself for your child.

They Are Your Child

At the end of the day, babies with down syndrome are still the children of the parents they are born to. Having a disability doesn’t make your baby any less yours or any less a part of you. They deserve the chance to grow with you and love you the way any other child would. They can fill your life with the same love, happiness, and fulfillment that a child without a disability would. You may feel overwhelmed, but you will be rewarded a thousand times over with the bond you will form with your child.

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