Which home water filtration is right for you?

June 9, 2023


Whether you’re using water for your morning cup of coffee or just want a nice cold glass after exhausting work, you want to be confident your water is safe to drink. Water filters on a pitcher or sink can be inconvenient, which is why some choose a home water filtration system. If you have quality filtration, you’ll be able to enjoy your water without worrying about contaminants.

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A water pitcher with an activated carbon filter is easy to use but users find there it holds low volume and empties quickly. If you want more filtered water, you have to pour more in and wait for a time so the water passes through the carbon. This is why some choose to upgrade their filtration.

A reverse osmosis system can be placed under your sink and runs your water through a series of cartridges and a membrane which filters any contaminants; only water molecules can make it through. This system retains filtered water and pushes any impure water down the drain. When you’re ready to clean the filter, you’ll be able to see all the impurities it kept out.

Whether you want quick and easy water filtration with limitations or something more advanced, you’ll find there are a wealth of options when it comes to home water filtration. Before buying, look into the pros and cons of different methods and read online reviews so you can be confident you are making the right choice.


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