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When You Choose Your Children’s High School You Are Choosing Their Future

June 29, 2017


Why private schools are better

Education is one of the most important things to have access to in this world today. Here in the Untied States, we have more access to education than at any time in the history of the world. Having an education is not a goal that is reserved for only a select few as it once was. Today, education is available to all of us. The only question becomes: How good of an education can I get?

If you’re a parent, you already know what it is like to have the desire for your child to have the best education you can possibly provide them. Beginning with the top preschools and elementary schools, followed by the best middle schools you can find, you want to prepare your child for high school, where he or she will do the best they can to get into the best possible college or university and begin their own life.

Seeking this kind of education is something every parent does. What separates the education experience of the successful and the very successful can often be traced back to the decision to attend a private school instead of the public offering. Especially when it comes to the choice of high school, a private school can be a very specific turning point in the success of your child academically and otherwise.

For one thing, public high schools are much larger than most private schools. Private high school size is, on average, less than half of the size of the public schools’. School size and, specifically, classroom size has a big effect on how a student learns and achieves. If a student is not able to fully participate because the class size was too big and the teacher wasn’t able to get to them, that student loses a great number of opportunities to connect with the material and connect with the teacher.

In high school, students go through a very specific time in their lives when they grow in a certain way. Many of them would rather be invisible and blend in with the crowd than be challenged to learn and grow. In a public school setting, because it is so big, many students can get themselves lost in the crowd. In a private school, that is not easily the case.

There are currently 30,861 private schools all throughout the country. These private schools serve roughly 5.3 million children in grades PK thorugh high school. Private schools account for just under one-quarter of the nation’s schools and enroll only 10% of all students in grades PK through high school.

Private schools are the places from which many of the brightest and best minds come into society. Their academic rigor is typically more strong than many public schools and this is due to the ability of teachers to communicate concepts more fully. Many private schools also focus much more diligently on college preparatory subjects and in the curriculum in general.

When students who attend a private high school come to the place where they begin taking college prep tests, this curriculum driven private school approach will get the ready to handle those tests and more.

Academics are not the only benefits of private school. Sports and extracurricular activities are also a big part of a private high school education. Many offer a wide variety and a great number of sports programs and music and art clubs to be a part of. And because the student population isn’t too large, students can find one or more activities that they can experience and maybe even excel in.

More than anything in the world, we want what is best for our children. From the day they are born, we wish for them to be healthy and happy. When it comes to their education, we want to be able to do for them as much as we can. From the earliest years of preschool right up through their days in high school, we want them to be challenged, to go for their desires, and to succeed academically and emotionally.

For many, private school offers the best options for their children when it comes to class sizes and curriculum.

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