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What’s So Bad About Hard Water?

September 20, 2018


Research has proven that hard water isn’t necessarily too harmful to your health and that it’s safe for humans as drinking water. So, if it’s so safe, why do water treatment systems and water softeners exist? Here are just a few reasons hard water can be a problem, and why you might want to consider installing whole house filtration for your home.

  • Damage to Water Fixtures: Over time, hard water can cause buildup around the faucets and spouts on your household fixtures. These are caused by the deposits in the water, specifically magnesium and calcium. While not necessarily harmful, they can certainly be a nuisance for cleaning and can be unsightly. Even if you don’t necessarily live in an area with “very hard” or “extremely hard” water, you might start to see the effects of hard water at around seven grains of hardness.
  • Cleaning Can Be Difficult: Whether it’s laundry, sinks, dishes, or even yourself, hard water tends to be fairly bad for getting things clean. Hard water typically doesn’t work very well with detergents and soaps, leaving clothes dirty and showers scummy. Hard water, while safe, can also potentially cause skin irritation when showering or bathing with it, especially for those with more sensitive skin. Hard water makes hair especially hard to wash; now you know what to blame for a bad hair day.
  • Hard Water Tastes Funny: There’s no two ways about it; hard water just doesn’t smell or taste as good as soft water. This is due to the various contaminants in the water. Your body is fairly good at picking out when something is not right, whether it be by smell or by taste. That’s what makes hard water smell bad; it’s the body’s natural defense systems trying to keep you healthy. The source of the smell, though, can change depending on what the contaminants are; it can be minerals in the water, or potentially even viruses or algae.

If your home has a hard water problem, it might be time to consider adding a water softener to your water filtration system. This will help remove any excess minerals in the water, keeping it safe and clean for your family. If you already have a filtration system in place, any of these might be signs that it’s time to call a repairman.

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