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What Rehab Facilities Do For The Elderly Community

April 8, 2019


Unfortunately, when you think “rehab facilities,” your mind might wander to the thought of drugs. But that could not be further from the truth. A rehab facility gets a bad rap when really, a rehab facility encompasses a much wider range of long term care that is not only for drug addiction. Long term care facilities offer the needs that many in the elderly community require.

Our Loved Ones Need Care

It is no secret that as you get older, chances are you will start to experience physical ailments. It might be in the form of arthritis or impaired hearing and sight. However, the sad truth is that many elderly individuals suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

While it does not happen overnight, it is a progressive disease, what it does do is slowly affect the mental functions and memories of our loved ones. It is one of the few painful experiences that everyone around them feels – the one who suffers from the disease and the ones that have to watch it happen, unable to do much about it. The best you can do is educate yourself on the matter and find a suitable environment for your loved ones, especially if your loved one is 65 and older. It has been noted that 64 percent of elderly individuals residing in a nursing home, and of that age, are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia.

Thankfully, skilled nursing care centers are not hard to find in the United States, in fact, there are 15,655 residing in America, according to data collected by the American Health Care Association. This means that many individuals turning 65 and need long-term care, like nearly 70 percent of Americans do, will help a plethora of options to choose from. In fact, there has been an influx in the senior population ever since the first baby boomers turned 65 in 2011, kick-starting a trend that is expected to end in 2030. Even further still, from 2015 to 2050, there is an expected hike from 12 percent to 22 percent of the world’s population of elderly individuals 60 and over, nearly doubling in that 35 year timescale.

It is tough for anyone to consider speaking to their loved ones about this worry, but a rehab facility can provide a comfortable plan that sits well with you and everyone involved. It is about finding a place that allows for your loved ones to hold onto that dignity.

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