What Are the Main Goals of Child/Parent ABA Consulting?

March 7, 2024


Child/parent ABA consulting plays a vital role in a child’s growth, skills learning, and behavior change management as discussed in the video. It’s an important part of a child’s growth and should be taken with seriousness. Here are some of the main goals of a child/parent ABA consulting service:

Learning of New Skills and Behaviors

One of the primary goals of child/parent ABA consulting services is to help children with growth disorders, behavioral issues or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to learn new skills and behaviors. These skills can be communication skills, self-help, social interaction, academic tasks, adapting to new behaviors.

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Parent Training in Supporting Child’s Success

Another goal of a child/parent ABA consulting service is to equip parents with skills and knowledge so that they can support their children to overcome growth challenges and prevent any other behavior issues at home.

Generalization of New Skills

Child/parent ABA consulting services also play an important role in helping a child to apply the skills in different settings and contexts. Generalization of new skills is the ability for a child to retain the acquired skills and use them in different environments like home, school, and public places.

Promote Parent-Child Relationship

Child/parent ABA consulting services help to improve relationships, effective communication, bonding and attachment between parents and children. Child/parent ABA consulting services also help parents to engage their children in social activities, community activities and playdates, which plays a crucial role in strengthening the parent-child relationship.


Child/parent ABA consulting plays a pivotal role in a child’s growth, behavior management and learning skills. It also helps promote parent-child relationships, learning of new skills and supporting parents with tools and guidance to track a child’s progress.


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