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Ways to Stay Safe When Online Dating

March 18, 2016


Safe dating site

If you are considering going the online dating route, you might wonder, are dating sites safe? Online dating websites have been around for awhile but they have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Previously, if you were go go on a singles dating site, you might be a little embarrassed about it. But nowadays, it’s actually one of the preferred methods for finding a mate. There are new dating websites popping up every day and every kind of person uses them. However, back to, are dating sites safe? The thing is, every kind of person uses them. This means that even people that don’t have the best of intentions might look for victims on a dating website. So, how can know the answer to the question ‘are dating sites safe?’ Well, here are a few ways that you can ensure your own safety when using a dating website.

Don’t provide your contact information on your profile
Sure, share a little about yourself; your hobbies and interests but don’t share you home address or phone number on your profile page. This is an easy way for some to find out where you live. Try not even mention where you work exactly. Once you begin talking to someone, get to know them a little bit before offering up that information. You can use your common sense to know when to provide contact information. Keep in mind also that providing your full name can be an easy way for someone to look you up. Use a nickname or a tag to protect your identity.

Use a number of free email accounts
If you decide to leave the anonymous email and continue talking to someone through your personal email, sign up for a free email address through Gmail or Yahoo or another place that you use specifically for online dating conversation. Make sure that your nickname is what is showing up in the ‘from’ field and that there is no further information anywhere, until you are ready to provide it.

Use an anonymous phone service to chat
If you want to text or call but are not ready to give out your phone number you can use skype or another app in order to communicate. This is just another added layer of protection until you know who you are talking to.

Keep an eye out for characteristics that you are not comfortable with
As you are talking with this person, don’t ignore any red flags. The longer you talk, the less someone will be able to cover up questionable traits like a short temper or a controlling manner. If they avoid questions, seem cagey or something is off, move on to the next one. Don’t try and figure someone out, it’s not worth it. If they are Mr or Mrs Right, then your instincts will tell you. But don’t let possible love blind you from who a person really is.

Check out the paid online dating services
Free sites offer a greater opportunity for predators and other dangerous people. They don’t have to provide a credit card or a paper trail of any kind of information that would potentially identify them later on. Using a paid site will limit criminal activity.

Meet in a very public place for the first time
Once meeting face to face becomes the next step, arrange to have your date in an open place like a restaurant or a bar. Make your own way and don’t let them pick you up, the first time. Making it a double date with a friend is a great idea but if you can’t do that, then make sure someone knows where you are, at least.

Following these simple tips when asking ‘are dating sites safe,’ could save you a world of hurt when it comes to online dating. Make sure that you are using your head and not only following your heart, at least in the beginning. Finding the right person may take time but once you do, it will be worth the wait. Don’t jump head first in to anything until you feel confident and assured that you can trust the person completely.

Good luck finding your soul mate. They are out there, just waiting to be found!

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