How to Tell Your Parents You Love Them in New Ways

March 12, 2021


Do you have elderly parents? Do you wonder how to tell your parents you love them in new and unique ways? Here are some ideas that they will be sure to love and appreciate.

Health and Wellness Spas for Seniors

Show your parents how much you love them by treating them to a luxurious wellness retreat. A medical spa with a wide range of services at affordable prices for aging parents is a perfect gift. A medspa for seniors has treatments for all types of medical conditions to ease muscular pain, aching joints, or other conditions. Many have yoga retreats and holistic healing programs to help discover inner harmony.

A day at the spa can benefit a senior’s physical health and wellbeing and improve their mental health. As senior citizens have more issues and restrictions than younger people, the spa treatments designed especially for them to focus on ideal treatments for an elderly spa-goer.

Some massages that help stimulate circulation can be too vigorous for an older adult. An aesthetician needs to be careful not to aggravate any existing conditions when massaging to improve muscle soreness and stiffness due to arthritis and flexibility issues. Massage releases endorphins which reduce stress and produce an overall sense of comfort.

As seniors tend to be more isolated than the average population, a spa session provides a healing touch with the opportunity for physical contact and comfort they may not often experience. As older skin tends to be delicate, the risk of tearing or burning the skin is greater. Therefore, waxing and vigorous scrubs are not recommended for a senior.

Physical Therapy

Another suggestion on how to tell your parents you love them is by treating them to some physical therapy sessions. They can offer seniors many benefits that improve their physical and mental wellbeing. As people age, it is essential to consider ways to improve the lives of those affected by the aging process.

Studies have shown that physical therapy has an impact on managing the effects of the aging process. It offers comfort for those suffering from arthritis and other physical ailments. As people age, they become less active. A lack of physical activity can result in different health problems developing. This can reduce their quality of life. For senior citizens, many benefits can be achieved by a physical therapy treatment.

Physical therapy for an older adult is beneficial in treating Alzheimer’s as it can facilitate relaxation and communication. For an arthritis patient, it helps with pain management. It also triggers natural joint lubrication, which is vital for a person living with arthritis. Physical therapy helps seniors increase their muscle coordination and strength and also improves their posture.

People are now becoming aware of the usefulness and importance of physical therapy for senior citizens. Today, the pharmaceutical industry has dominated the approach to pain management. Physical therapy has proven to be a natural and effective solution for disorders associated with senior care. If you are wondering how to tell your parents you love them, this would be an effective way of getting the point across!

CBD for Seniors

If you are still wondering how to tell your parents you love them, here is a unique option you may not have thought of.
There are a growing number of states across the country that have legalized the medical use of marijuana. New products are being specially formulated for the aging population. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of marijuana and is found in oil vapor, topical creams, ingestible tinctures, or edibles. It delivers all the benefits of marijuana without the high.
Many seniors are not aware of the benefits the use of CBD can provide. In many cases, cannabis can replace or reduce the use of addictive and harmful prescription drugs. Here are reasons for CBD to be included in every senior’s health routine.

1. Relief from pain
a. It has been a well-known fact for quite some time that cannabis is a pain reliever that is as effective as any prescription medication. Clinical studies have shown that it is highly effective in decreasing nerve pain and arthritis. The use of medical boutique-style creams is effective in relieving joint and muscle pain.

2. Bone health
a. It has been proven to help with the healing of fractures and supports healthier bones. Its anti-inflammatory properties are helpful for patients with multiple sclerosis.

3. Soothing effects
a. Although CBD is beneficial for its soothing and calming effects on users, it promotes the feeling of energy and prevents inertia. CBD strengthens cells in the body, which contribute to total regeneration. CBD also is an antioxidant with more potent properties than Vitamins C and E.

4. Fights glaucoma
a. Glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disease of the eye. There is supporting evidence that CBD can reduce the pressure in the eye by up to 25%.

5. Sleep issues and insomnia
a. As we age, it becomes more difficult to achieve sustained periods of restful sleep. During deep sleep, the brain regenerates and frees itself from toxic substances that the body produced. Sleep quality also is vital in preventing age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or glaucoma. Often elderly patients have prescribed sleeping pills which have the potential for dependency and unpleasant side effects. CBD helps extend deep sleep.

6. Alternative to prescriptions
a. Many seniors who use prescriptions daily grow each year. Prescription drugs can be hazardous for users and can be responsible for tissue damage, organ damage, drug addiction, or death. Marijuana is a safe alternative to prescription drugs, with fewer side effects and lower addictive traits.

7. Stimulates the appetite
a. Many senior citizens experience loss of appetite, causing weight loss, mental issues, and tissue and muscle weakness. Research has shown that marijuana has been shown to improve the appetite of users; therefore, CBD is a good appetite stimulant and good for seniors.

8. Dementia and Alzheimer’s
a. An emerging trend that is being researched is that marijuana can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that CBD can contribute to the elimination of the toxic protein related to Alzheimer’s.

If you are wondering how to tell your parents you love them, purchase a CBD product for them. Something edible, a cream to rub on sore joints, or a soothing tea for them to drink will bring them comfort and relief.

Help Their Quality of Sleep

What condition are their mattresses in? It has been proven that a good night’s sleep will not happen if the mattress one sleeps on is too lumpy, too soft, or too old.

Take your parents to a mattress store to choose a new one. Seniors dealing with arthritis should have a mattress on the softer side because it will relieve pressure in problem areas. It will also help elderly sleepers with joint pain or fibromyalgia. Memory foam can be suitable for the elderly, as it reduces pressure for those with pain issues and provides excellent overall comfort while sleeping. Memory foam, however, can make it challenging to move around, which is not suitable for seniors with mobility issues. It is also known to be hot and could cause some to overheat at night while sleeping.

But if a firmer mattress is needed, purchase one that contains coils or another supporting material as a firmer mattress will work better for those who require more support.

What better way to tell your parents you love them than by providing them with the means to have a good night’s sleep. They will love you back for sure!

Make Sure They Stay “In the Loop”

For most, family comes first. As the aging process is inevitable, our elderly parents will require additional emotional support and care. It isn’t easy to juggle work and family commitments, so time may be at a premium. Here are some tips to ensure they do not feel left out of your lives.

1. Regular visits and phone calls
a. Many of us have full-time jobs, more family responsibilities than we would like, and continuous pulls on our time. But we must find time during our busy day to speak with our elderly parents. They must not be neglected as their overall health and wellbeing are crucial at this time of their lives.
b. It will make a big difference in their lives if they know that people care and think about their wellbeing. Even if your loved one is suffering from dementia and may not know you, knowing that you are doing your best by them should provide great comfort to you.
c. Even if you don’t live near your elderly parents, there are some ways you can keep in close touch. Technology has made it possible with video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Skype to see your loved ones no matter where they are in the world.
d. If they are not tech-savvy, make sure you phone them. You may be the only person they will have contact with that day.

2. Encourage social activity
a. Whether they live independently, with a spouse or partner, or in a care facility, encouraging social activity can help them feel more upbeat and positive. Encourage them to play bocce or bingo, which can be great fun for them and help with their mental acuity.
b. If they no longer can drive, pick them up and take them shopping. Purchase some fun matching custom order shirts, take them to lunch at an old favorite restaurant of theirs, or perhaps see a movie. They will appreciate the fact you have taken the time to put their interests first that day. And you will feel better for having done it.

3. Stay in touch with other family members
a. If you are running out of ideas on how to best show love for your elderly parents, speak to your siblings. They are in the same position as you, and perhaps you both could benefit from an open discussion on how to show them the love and attention they need and deserve.

4. Hire help
a. What better way to tell your parents you love them than to make sure they have all their needs met. If they live independently, hire someone to come in and clean for them, prepare meals, take them for walks, play a card game, or perhaps go for a drive with them just to get them out of their residence. If they are in declining health, maybe a home health aide can come in to make sure they have everything they need.

5. Important family occasions should always include them.
a. If they have granddaughters that have received engagement rings at holiday time, make sure they are included in this happy event. The engagement party, showers, or any other celebratory event that is wedding-related should involve them as much as possible.

6. Ask them to tell a story about some special days in their lives.
a. Many older people enjoy reminiscing about the good old days. Memories are important to them, and sharing them with you, your siblings or other family members is something they would enjoy.

7. Homemade gifts
a. Spend time with your children making gifts for their grandparents. Buying a gift is still appreciated, but a homemade gift becomes sentimental and precious.

8. Family pictures
a. Have there been family pictures taken over the years that your elderly parents are especially fond of? If so, have a reprint made and framed in a beautiful way to be placed in an important spot in their home. It will bring back those precious memories every time they look at it.

9. Heirlooms
a. Do your parents have unique pieces of jewelry they intend to leave to their children or grandchildren? Perhaps suggest in a caring and loving way that they put in their will the disposition of the items – just to avoid any problems later. If the subject is appropriately broached, they will take no offense and appreciate that you have thought about resolving this now rather than later for the good of all family members.

If you have ever thought of how to tell your parents you love them in different ways, hopefully, one or more of these ideas will strike a chord. Remember that you will not have them forever. The more ways you can express your feelings to them, the better. Remember also that you will hopefully be where they are and want your children to wonder “how to tell our parents we love them.”

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