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Water in Your Basement? You Need Waterproofing Solutions

July 1, 2016


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One of the worst things about owning a home with a basement is the chance of at some point getting a wet basement. Water has a tendency to find a way into your basement, which can prevent you from being able to finish your basement into usable space or can ruin the finish you already have. More than 98% if all basements experience some type of water damage at some point. The best way to keep the water out of your basement is to use waterproofing basement methods.

There are a number of methods for waterproofing basement spaces, and not all of them involve doing things below ground. One of the easiest and cheapest things you can do is to ensure you have the proper conditions around your home’s foundation. If you have plantings around your home, ensure they are at least two feet away from your foundation, to ensure they don’t trap water close to your home and impede its flow. Also, make sure the soil around your home has the proper slope away from your home so as to ensure proper drainage. A good rule of thumb is that the ground should slope at least six inches down for every 10 feet out from your foundation. Another important part of basement waterproofing above ground is to ensure your gutters and downspouts are all in good working order and direct water away from your home. Any leaks or missing downspouts can cause excess water to pool around your foundation and find its way into your basement.

If you have done everything you can up top and still are getting water in your basement, then there are some things you need to do below ground. Foundation repair is important, so if you have any cracks in your foundation walls or floors, you should seal them up with waterproof caulk.

If you have more serious basement water issues, such as water coming up through the floor every time it rains, you may need a more extensive solution. Installing drain tile along with sump pumps may be the only way to keep the water out of your basement. A foundation repair contractor can install one or both of these things, which should keep your basement dry, although they will be more expensive than other measures.

If you have a water problem in your basement, waterproofing basement solutions are a necessity. Constant water infiltration into your basement can damage your foundation and cause serious issues such as mold.

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