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Top Tips You Should Know Before Applying For A Home Loan

September 30, 2015


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What do you know about getting the best mortgage rate? Everything from bad credit to the wrong loan can set you back when you’re trying to get your finances in order and it’s important to sort out your personal situation before you sign a single paper. Before you meet with local mortgage lenders look below and read some quick tips on avoiding bad credit home loans, local mortgage lenders and finding the best mortgage rates. A successful house is built on prior preparation and the avoidance of common financial pitfalls.

History of Mortgage

Did you know the earliest known account of mortgage law came from ancient India? It was called the Code Of Manu, an old Hindu script that criticized and rejected deceptive mortgage practices. It also covered topics such as local rights and forms of conduct. Centuries later, the rise of the mortgage market in the United States was estimated to have peaked in 1949 after the mortgage crisis in the 1930s.

Mortgage In The U.S.

It’s been found that successful mortgage borrowers have a housing debt-to-income ratio of 24%, with long-term mortgage rates falling as low as 3% on average by the end of 2012. While your local mortgage lenders may vary in their down payments, the average down payment is around 3.5%. Make sure that your monthly payments, mortgage included, don’t exceed more than 36% of your monthly income to ensure pay dates are met on time. The best mortgage has a rate that fits your numbers and can be feasibly maintained over the months to come. After you compare mortgages and types of home loans, you should look over your credit score and see if it’s up to par.

Credit History And Loans

If you are trying to find commercial mortgages that best fit your budget and housing plan, make sure you have a good grasp on your personal credit history. Cleaning up your credit score, checking for errors and maintaining a good average will help keep your credit score high and avoid rejected applications. Staying with your current employer is also necessary, as a change in employment status can delay the processing of your mortgage plan. Now that you’re more familiar with different types of mortgages, who are you going to call to help make your dream home a reality?

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