Top Tips for DIY AC Service

August 30, 2022


If you are a homeowner, your air conditioning unit is an essential feature to ensure cool and comfortable temperatures for you and your loved ones. While many wait for a professional to provide comprehensive AC service, there are a number of easy steps that anyone can take to maintain their unit. These simple tasks will ensure your air conditioner functions at top capacity for many years.

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To ensure your safety, first disconnect the electrical power from your unit and clear away any objects that might obstruct your access, such as fallen branches. Next, use a hose to rinse away any dirt or other debris from the condenser coils on the outside of the unit. Then, it is time to complete a visual inspection. Check the electrical connections and search for any exposed wires or loose insulation before powering up your unit again.

In addition to at-home maintenance, the regular attention of an HVAC professional is suggested. Scheduling a routine tuneup at least once a year can ensure that any less obvious issues are addressed in a timely manner by a specialist.

No one wants to risk the major investment of replacing an air conditioner. Performing regular AC service can prevent issues with your unit and maximize its longevity.

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