Tips for First Time Boat Dealers

November 16, 2021


Buying a boat for the first time requires working with a dealer who has your back and who is willing to provide you with strong and effective service. In this simple video, you’ll learn about what to expect when working with a boat dealer.

The video host shares various situations he experienced when buying a boat, including some fallout he received from one video in which some viewers thought he was rude to a dealer. He explains that it is ruder to give them false hope on a deal.

Video Source

In that previous video, he went to a boat dealer in Texas while visiting and politely told the salesperson that he was from Maryland and would not buy a boat. While some thought this was rude, he emphasizes it avoids wasting a dealer’s time.

Beyond that, he also discussed the important ways you can feel out a deal, including avoiding getting pressured into a deal you don’t want. Try to gauge the honesty of a dealer and know when to walk away from a sale.

Remember: you don’t owe a boat dealer a sale. You’re always free to shop around and find a few dealers you can trust before making a deal and don’t rush into a purchase.


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