Tips and Tricks for How Cooling Towers Operate

July 17, 2022


Cooling towers are big boxes that help maximize the evaporation of water. They comprise PVC plastic sheets that form massive surface areas to facilitate water evaporation. The material that fills the interior section of the cooling water is known as a cooling tower fill.
Watch this video to understand how cooling towers operate. People with cooling towers should work with cooling water services firms to ensure their units are working effectively. Here are tips they can rely on to ensure their systems are operating as they should.

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Know the Physical Composition of the System
Water and chemicals that treat react differently based on the construction materials the cooling water services provider used. As a result, knowing the composition of the cooling tower is crucial. Fiber reinforced polyester is a popular construction material in new towers. However, older units are made with fiberglass, stainless steel, and galvanized steel.
People using plastic-based pipes don’t need to worry about corrosion. Knowing the composition of the cooling tower is critical to making informed decisions and boosts the system’s lifespan, reducing maintenance costs.
Cooling water services experts can help property owners build the ideal tower based on their needs. Contact us and book an appointment to discuss your goals and the available options.

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