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Three Tips For Fabulous Home Furnishings

June 9, 2016


Furniture shopping for a condo

Furnishing a home is all about putting your stamp on your space, making you feel like this is truly yours. Planning furniture in a room can be tricky since size and scale is not always apparent in relation to the room when you are in a store. In addition to the aesthetics, you need to consider the functionality of the space: how and why it will be used. Here are some tips for furnishing a home.

Theme It
A theme van transform a space and make it evocative of beloved memories or fantasy dreams. For example, even without a sea view, you can bring the ocean and the beach into your spaces through the right coastal decor. Consider how you could use sea grass, driftwood textures, sandy neutrals, and sea blues. Billowy, sheer and light curtaining is the perfect accompaniment to a beach theme, keeping the airiness and light of the beach alive in the decor. Subtle works best in themed spaces; the last thing you want is to have your living room looking like a carnival fairground.
Woodn’t It Be Nice?
Planning furniture in a room means considering the material that you will use. While plastic, rubber and metal might have their place, on the whole they don’t look as nice as good solid wood and such legs can damage your floors and tend not to last as long. Furniture stores often stock a range of wood types with furniture that can fit any taste.Wood that has been reclaimed — whether from old furniture, buildings, or even bridges — can offer a distinctive look and feel to a place, providing an item of interest to draw the eye in a space, while barn wood furniture with its aged wood gives furniture own richness and patina and is much sought after. Fine-quality furniture is all about the finish, offering better sanding, less apparent welding and better concealment of hardware with nuts, screws, and bolts usually colored to match the piece.
Size Matters
It is vital that you measure your space before going shopping when planning furniture in a room. Over-sized furniture can look good in certain spaces, but on the whole you want furniture that fits the room, offers functionality as well as aesthetic appeal, and fits into your home furnishing styles and your lifestyle. Avoid rushing in to the first piece you see. Rather take the measurements, take some photos, and then go back to your home to consider whether it really works for the area you have in mind. Think about ease of movement, for example, and how and when such a piece will be used. Also consider how it will wear over time. Leather for example can take a beating if put in an area that regularly gets the direct sunlight.

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