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Three Reasons to Move Out of Your Parents’ House

April 10, 2014


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Did you know that about 85% of college graduates will head back to their parents’ home instead of moving out on their own? It’s an understandable choice, since times are tough. The unemployment rate for people ages 25 and under is as high as 54%, which makes a sojourn home a logical choice in the face of having to pay off student loans and living expenses.

Although living with your parents might seem like an attractive idea financially for the other 46% of young adults, there are certainly many benefits of living in a loft apartment on your own. When I finished school and headed back home to Philly, I too was pretty hesitant about hunting for Philly apartments. While I could readily find some affordable Philadelphia apartment buildings, I wasn’t entirely convinced of the idea.

After some debate, I eventually started living in a loft of my own, and have never regretted the decision since. Here are a few of the reasons why moving out and living in a loft is the best move to make once you’ve graduated college.


When you’re on your own and living in a loft, you get to go wherever you want, whenever you want, and do whatever you want, without having to answer to anyone. It’s the same difference between your high school years and your college years. This isn’t an excuse to make poor decisions, though. It just means you never have to tediously explain who you’re with, where you’re going or went, or what you did. The sheer freedom is often reason enough to consider living in a loft.


Living on your own means that nobody’s hassling you or interrupting what you’re doing. Some think that this might get lonely, but all you have to do is visit with friends and family if you’d like company. Then when you’ve had your fill, you can retreat back to your sanctuary for some restorative peace.


When people typically think of Philly lofts, they think of a rather cramped, singular living space, but that just isn’t the case. They’re usually quite large and rather accommodating. You can buy book shelves to use for both storage and room dividers to separate living spaces. There are several ways you can efficiently use your space when living in a loft. Living on your own means that none of your things will get lost or confused with anyone else’s, either.

These are just a few of the reasons I love living in a loft. If you do work up the courage and venture off on your own, you’ll find your own reasons why living in a loft is better than living at home. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More like this article: www.postrents.com

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