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Three Neat Nautical Decorations You Can Make Yourself

December 17, 2014


Armillary globe

Nautical home decorations are the latest rage in interior designing, but if we’re being a little honest here, certain nautical items, like replica diving helmets or armillary spheres, can be pretty expensive.

Luckily, there are tons of neat nautical decorations you can make on your own! Here are just a few ideas to help inspire your inner-sailor.

Nautical Rope Barrister.

What easier piece of nautical decor could there be to make than a nautical rope barrister? All you need are some wall-mounted brackets and a good, thick rope. You’ll need to brush up on your knots, though, if you want to make this neat little piece of nautical decor.

Anchor Wall Paint.

Can’t afford to get a real anchor to hang on your wall? Why not use a stencil and paint some on to create neat looking nautical decor? Just make a small, anchor stencil, and then measure out and mark on the walls where each anchor will go. Then, use your stencil and paint them on!

Sand and Seashell Layered Vase.

Nothing screams the sea more than, well, things that actually came from the sea. So why not make a piece of nautical decor with things that came from the water? Get a nice, big, glass vase, and layer it with some sand, pebbles, and shells, to create a light, elegant looking piece of nautical decor that would look great on your mantle, by a window, or on an end table.

Who said you had to pay a pirate’s fortune to decorate your house in a unique, tasteful, nautical theme? With these crafty, little, do it yourself projects, you too can make your home feel as peaceful, calm, and welcoming as any home down by the sea.

If you know of any other cool projects or have any questions about these, feel free to share in the comments.

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