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The Many Practical Uses For Residential Golf Carts

November 11, 2016


Did you know that golf carts are no longer limited to the golf course? They’re now commonly used as an efficient mode of transportation within residential communities, especially in elderly populations. And here’s why: They provide a convenient way to move leisurely between short distances and are excellent when transporting something heavy across the neighborhood. They come in different sizes; small ones accommodate two to four people, while the larger six-passenger golf cart can accommodate your entire family plus pets!

A super golf cart is designed with additional power and features, which makes it suitable for landscaping, gardening, and maintenance work around your property. The carts feature cargo beds or towing abilities for transporting equipment and supplies. You can personalize a golf cart experience further by finding a tow mater golf cart for sale, perhaps one inspired by some of your beloved characters. They certainly add a touch of unique pizzazz.

While regular golf carts are perfect for residential areas, side-by-side vehicles are built for more rugged terrain and off-road adventures. So, if it’s a question of a golf cart vs. a side-by-side vehicle, the choice comes down to where you intend to use the cart. They have high suspension, powerful engines, and four-wheel drive abilities.


Used golf carts

Most people think of transportation for a golf outing when they think of golf carts. There are, however, many more uses than most realize for residential golf carts. A golf cart is a low cost, gas efficient, safe mode of transportation around residential communities and properties. More and more homeowners are learning of their benefits and are choosing to invest in their own golf cart. Golf carts have proven to be beneficial for the following uses.

Transportation across large properties. Some properties have acres and acres of land. It is a lot of physical work and time consuming to walk from one end of the property to another. Homeowners who have multiple acres of land often find benefit in the usage of their own golf cart on the property. It is a great way to check on a part of the land, without having to walk all the way across the property. Top speeds range from 15 to 25 miles per hour, making it a quick mode of transportation.

Movement of large items. Some items, such as lawn furniture, outdoor barbeque equipment, lawn mowers, and heavy leaf bags can be difficult to carry across yards, especially extremely large properties. Golf carts, however, can easily transport these items from one part of the yard to another. They are a great option for those with physical limitations, or those who are unable to complete their own yard work, due to heavy lifting and long walking.

Fuel efficient way to visit neighbors. Some communities value their neighbors and enjoy visiting them frequently. It can seem pointless to get in your vehicle to drive to a neighbor?s house that is less than a block away. However, in some cases you may want to get their quick, or you may be too tired to walk the entire way. When you buy a golf cart, you can quickly jump in the cart and be to your neighbor?s house in seconds.

Children can utilize golf carts. Do you ever wish that you could just send your child to the store? Yet, they are not old enough to legally drive a vehicle yet. Many states have lowered legal driving limits of golf carts, because they are safer to drive and because you are not actually driving them on the roadways. The minimum age to drive a golf cart is 13 in Georgia, Alabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Vermont, and South Carolina. Other states are 14 to 15 years of age. They may even give your teenager good preparation for driving a vehicle.

They are cost effective.

Whether you decide to purchase a golf cart for usefulness or entertainment, they are very cost effective. They also tend to hold their value, because they do gain mileage or wear and tear the same as regular vehicles do. You can also purchase golf carts brand new at a golf cart dealer or pre owned golf carts from a used golf carts dealership. They do not require gas, which can get expensive. Instead, they run off of a battery. The life of one golf cart battery lasts for two to three days, which is less time than one tank of gasoline lasts.

Great way to enjoy the weather. Many people enjoy going for walks when the weather is nice. However, not everyone has the physical ability to take long walks. A golf cart is a great option, allowing the rider to ride around and enjoy the weather, without having to use up too much energy. They can even be used to keep up with kids or pets.

Golf carts were once used strictly for golf outings. They were a convenient way to get from one hole to the other, without having to walk extremely long distances. Today however, homeowners are finding that golf carts can benefit their everyday house life. They can be used to transport large and heavy items across large properties. They can also be used to visit neighbors quickly and efficiently. Children can even safely operate the golf carts. Golf carts are an extremely cost efficient mode of transportation that is likely to be owned by more and more homeowners across the country.


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