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The Hidden Epidemic Over Half The Country Is Suffering From Without Even Knowing

October 8, 2017


Whole house filtration

There’s nothing quite like a cool, refreshing glass of water. You toss one back when you’re through with an invigorating run with your buddies or rinse off your hands after finishing a painting. You bathe in it. You cook with it. It’s the foundation for life and we wouldn’t even be existing here without it! Despite this, many Americans are dehydrated and some families don’t even have access to clean water in their own homes. Change starts with a little knowledge, so keep on reading to learn about the benefits of clean drinking water, chlorine removal and whole house filtration.

Did You Know?

It’s common enough knowledge that our bodies are primarily composed of water. But how much? Scientists estimate water makes up around two-thirds of who we are and influences approximately 100% of all the processes in our body. Think about that next time you’re reaching for the soda! Although we need water to stay healthy and use it in many day-to-day activities, there are still some bad habits that cause people to lose out on the benefits of regular water consumption.

The Hidden Epidemic Of Chronic Dehydration

Doctors recommend you drink six to eight glasses of water per day. Some people hardly manage one! Chronic dehydration has been dubbed by medical professionals as the ‘hidden epidemic’ and it’s thought as many as 75% of the North American population is chronically dehydrated. When you consider how much Americans love a good latte or crisp soda, it stands to reason why it’s easy to forget these drinks contain much more syrup, sugar and milk than they do water.

The Benefits Of Drinking Water For Weight Loss

Water keeps you hydrated, helps you stay clean and makes it much easier to wash clothes. Did you know you can use water to help you lose weight? Drinking a couple glasses of water a half hour before your meal can give your stomach time to feel fuller. This can better influence whether or not you need to eat, as it’s very common for people to feel hungry when they’re actually thirsty. Next time you have the munchies, reach for a glass instead. You may be craving something else.

How Regular Drinking Water Can Prevent Minor Frustrations

Tired of headaches, nausea and fatigue? While this opening line pops up in many an infomercial, these are very common side-effects of people suffering from chronic dehydration. Even mild dehydration can noticeably zap your energy and affect your ability to focus. At worst? Pounding headaches, poor memory and a bad bladder. A recent study on water and its effect on headaches found participants experiencing ‘total relief’ within a half hour of drinking two cups of water.

How Regular Drinking Water Can Prevent Deadly Diseases

Regular water consumption can bite into this nasty headaches and give you the energy you’ve been craving to get through your work week. But what about more severe side-effects? Research has shown that staying hydrated can reduce your risk for colon cancer by 45%. That’s not all, however. Regular hydration (not just once per week!) can reduce your risk fo r bladder cancer by 50% and possibly even breast cancer. When you think about how much water impacts what we do, it stands to reason the influence six to eight cups a day has.

Why Your Sink, Faucet And Bath Have Grimy Build-Up

Do you notice grime along your faucet or the edges of your tub? This is a common sign of ‘hard water’, or water that has an excess of minerals swimming around inside it. Hardness is measured in grains per gallon. Even people who don’t live in ‘very hard’ water zones can still find a film of white building up when they least expect. Calling a water treatment professional and having them analyze your water can help you make sure you and your children never have anything to worry about when turning on the faucet.

Water treatment involves removing harmful bacteria, chlorine and anything else that could get in the way of you and a healthy life.
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