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Texas Ranch Organization Home to Those Convicted of Parricide

May 6, 2016



Some use their Texas land for cattle ranches, some might use it for farm land, and some more creative people can use it for something a little more original.

Dan Dailey, 68, uses his 60-achre Texas property to run his organization, Redemption for Kids, which looks to assist people who have committed horrible acts in their youth.

David McCullough, who has a parole hearing scheduled for early August, will not be welcomed to too many places in Texas and around the country, for that matter. But Dan Daily hopes he’ll come stay in Estrella Vista on his property.

McCullough, who is serving a 20 year sentence, murdered his mother when he was 13 years old.

“I’ve never met him. I don’t know what he looks like, but I have reason to believe he’s a good person,’ Dailey said, according to Chron. “He likes nature and working on cars. I have agreed to take him on and provide a place for him to live.”

Dailey and McCullough have exchanged letters recently and went over everything, should he be released from prison early.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice records state that McCullough’s maximum sentence date is October 28, 2036.

This kind of relationship has becoming Dailey’s life work. Redemption for Kids helps those who were convicted of parricide, the act of killing one or both of your parents, in their youth.

“Killing one’s parents, we’re hired against doing that,” Dailey said. “But there are pretty remarkable circumstances that lead people to killing. They’re reacting to the abuse they’ve gotten from their parents. For some, the abuse has been going on their whole lives.”

Dailey has been on the Texas ranch and running Redemption for Kids since 2005. The ranch is surrounded by the Christmas Mountains and close to Big Bend National Park.

“For some of these kids, my only contact has been through prison,” he said. “They kill their parents because they were abused mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Dailey believes the Texas land is a great opportunity for these people to settle into their new lives. “There is a tremendous amount of visual variety out here,” he said. “It’s incredibly beautiful, this a portion of Texas that many non-Texans do not know exists. Its truly a desirable place to be.”

One out of every seven Texans works in an agriculture-related field and Dailey is no different. That’s the beauty about these ranches, there are so many options as to what you can do with them.

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U.S. agro production occurs in every state in the country and the total real estate value of that land equals out to about $2 trillion. Whether you just want to relax with the family under the Texas sky, or you want to start an original organization like Dailey did, a ranch selling company can help.

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